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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of your need, we have a team of seasoned professionals to guide you in the right  direction.

Light Commercial Construction

Are you a company looking to set up a commercial premises in Central Otago?

We have the staff, skills and experience to get the job done the right way.

Are you a company that has a pre-existing premise that needs to change or grow?

Come and talk to us about planning your changes and implementing them.

(Picture courtesy of ITM Building Supplies)


Residential Construction

Building a home is a very personal journey, one that can be fraught with issues and pitfalls if you don't know your way.

We at O'Callaghan & Walker have walked this path many, many times and can show you the way to a successful build.

Not only do we strive for success, but we want to make that journey an enjoyable one as we go.

Award winning designs and builds. Highly experienced staff and sub contractors and a can do attitude, means you get exactly what you are looking for.


Our Plans and Drawing office use state of art of House Design software, to give you a detailed set of plans and visual graphic's. These plans allow you to get a realistic view of the completed project.

Not only can O'Callaghan & Walker Builders design your house we can price off plans drawn by others.


Special Projects

It could be that you have a particular project in mind that may be a little more bespoke than some.

As a building company, we relish the idea of being able to construct anything architectural, or simply out of the ordinary.

It could be something as small as a renovation to a fire place with a built in TV, to a complete house or business premise build that has larger than usual ceiling heights, or extensive open plan living spaces. 

What ever your imagination can come up with, we are the builders to build it.

Site Management

In order for a build to be successful, it is important to have people on site that can manage the day to day running of the project.

We have considerable experience with on site project management and can step in to take the reigns.

Installation Power Buggy Rental

Dedicated Sub Contractors

When you work with O'Callaghan & Walker, you not only get the benefit of a hugely successful and experienced company, but you also benefit from the numerous, highly skilled sub contractors that we use to perform the specialist jobs of the build.

Plumbers, Electricians, Gibb Stoppers. We have sub contractors that have proven time and time again, that they strive for the best - just like us.

Council Consent Process

The paperwork surrounding a build can be almost as lengthy as parts of the build itself.

Building consents, resource consents and so on are often complex and time consuming.

O'Callaghan & Walker Builders will apply to the council for building consents & resource consents on your behalf, taking this process over and ensuring full compliance with any council regulation.

Man Measuring Window

Alterations & Renovations

Of course we don't just build houses and office spaces. We also spend considerable time helping those who already have their property, but need it altered or renovated to fulfil their needs.

If you have a project coming up involving a pre existing building that needs to be changed then give us a ring.

We can talk through what needs to be done, advise on consents (if necessary) and even help design the changes so you know how things will look before we get stuck in.

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